Q: Can you tell me about the packages you offer?

A: We know just how daunting the whole process of wedding planning is so we keep things as simple as possible. We’ve come up with a package that includes those things that we know will make the most of your wedding photography experience. Our starting package includes: – coverage from the brides preparation until the start of your wedding meal. – a large album (14″x10) of your event images printed on archival photographic paper – an online image gallery for sharing images with friends and family – guest can order their prints from there. We then have other options for larger albums, parents albums, guest books and CD’s of the negatives.

Our studio is happy to provide additional information on rates for our commissions. We understand that you need to invest in that which is most important to you. Just keep in mind that since your photographs and albums are the only things that remain after your wedding day, you might want them to rock. There are no do-overs in wedding photography. If your wedding pictures end up anything less than awesome – they’re going to be mediocre for your children and grandchildren as well.

Q: Do you create albums as well?

A: We utilise only the very best manufacturers in the world to ensure that you are getting the very best albums available, anywhere, at any price. Our exquisite imported handmade storybook albums and our state of the art coffee table books are offerred as a ‘a la carte’ item, so you can pick what you want when you want.

Q: Can I customize the package further?

A: Additional hours, photographers, self-portrait studios, guest signing albums, handfinished prints, save-the-date and thank you cards, and a variety of digital products.

Q: What is your photographic style?

A: Terms of photographic style are so misused nowadays that they’re practically meaningless. If our pictures speak to YOU then you’ll know it’s YOUR style and that’s what’s most important. Some would call it photojournalistic or editorial or candid we call it modern lifestyle. Our style is all about capturing the REAL you and the JOY of living, painlessly and unobtrusively.

Q: Can you tell me why we should choose you?

A1: Photographs are important to you. You want those from your wedding to be stunning!

A2. Our images speak to you in a certain way – you appreciate how they appear more alive, more evocative, more fun, more… something. And you want that.

A3. Like us, you‘re one of those people who hates your picture taken so you want to hire someone who makes it easy, pleasant, and even fun. At the same time, you want them invisible most of the day.

A4. You are the type of person who prefers to deal directly with the artist who will meet with you personally over a glass of wine in our studio, and give you one-on-one personalized attention from start to finish.

A5. You think that most photographers’ wedding work looks pretty much the same and you want something better – something more you and not so ‘weddingy’.

A6. You understand that the person you hire is going to be an integral part of your entire wedding experience and you want someone who can actually put you at ease and add to the pleasure of your day.

A7. You like kids and/or dogs. (It may seem strange, but we find a strong correlation here. We’ve got both.)

A8. You’re fun. (Again just an amazing correlation – fun people always choose to hire us.)

A9. You can appreciate and love our work and you love us. (If you haven’t yet met us, you can reserve judgment on the latter!)

Q: You indicate that the personality of the photographer is important. Why?

A: Keep in mind that you’ll be spending almost the entire day (the most hectic and emotional day of your life) with your photographer. You want to feel comfortable around and supported by this person. You want someone who knows when to take charge and when to be utterly invisible.

Q: And afterwards?

A: Unlike most wedding professionals that you’ll deal with, our relationship continues well after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. You may never speak with your florist, dressmaker, caterer or band after your wedding day, but your work with your photographer has only just begun. The album and print process continues for awhile. Besides, our goal is to be your photographer for life.

Q: I hate posing for pictures. Do I have to pose?

A: We know what you mean. We hate posing for pictures too. Posing isn’t natural and we don’t think it looks natural either. Will we recreate a moment like exchanging wedding bands for purposes of photographing it? Never.

Q: But the people in your pictures always look like they’re smiling. You must tell them to smile, no?

A: Our clients are smiling and look like they are having fun because they ARE having fun! We won’t tell you to smile but we might make you smile. There’s a big difference. But that’s our secret, so don’t tell anyone.

Q: So you engage your subjects?

A: During portraits, absolutely. During the ceremony, toasts, dances, etc. you and your guests won’t even know we’re there.

Q: Do you do traditional wedding photographs, too?

A: Traditionally, wedding photography has been pretty cheesy, posed looking and/or boring. So we’d have to say, “NO.” But if you mean do we take traditional family pictures in addition to our more lifestyle and photojournalistic work then the answer is absolutely yes. We appreciate the value of and the history behind the traditional family portrait, and while they may not be as exciting as some of our more informal portraiture, they serve an important function.

Q: Do you shoot digital?

A: 100%

Q: What if Ian is not available on my date?

A: We have searched the UK for someone we trust 100%. That person is Lisa. She covers all of the weddings that Ian has already booked.

Q: Do I get my negatives? Do I have to wait a certain period of time?

A: We don’t subscribe to the old school philosophy that you are beholden to your photographer to purchase every thing you want directly from them. We provide you with a copy of your digital negatives on DVD when you want them for only £450. There’s no waiting period.

Q: Can I make my own prints?

A: They’re your pictures and you can do pretty much as you like with them. Of course there’s a huge difference between a print you make at your local printer from a proof and those we can print for you. Only we can fully realize the vision of our photographs – both technically and emotionally. Only we care that much about them. But of course, we leave the choice up to you.

Q: Do you travel?

A: Absolutely! Have passport – will travel for weddings anywhere. Please ask for our availability.

Q: Do you do video too?

A: Yes we have a stunning video guy. (When we say stunning we mean the quality of his work!)

Q: This FAQ goes on forever. Does it ever end?

A: Eventually. But if you’re still reading you must be really interested in this kind of stuff and that’s why we’ve provided so much information. Just to make people like you 100% comfortable.

Q: I really want you, but you’re out of my budget, what can I do?

A: See our section on ‘wed guest list’ and let your friends get you something more meaningful than a vase as a wedding gift.

Q: What do I need to do to book you?

A: A signed agreement and a retainer of £300 are required to reserve the date for you. Dates are filled on a first come-first served basis and once a photographer is booked, they’re booked. So don’t wait. Some prime dates are gone 2 years in advance.

Q: What if I have questions that aren’t listed here?

A: Drop us an email at info@ianwaldronphotography.com or give us a call on 01525 221479. We’d love to hear what you’re planning and discuss how we can preserve your memories for you.